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The First Advance in Chiropractic Business Cards in Over 100 Years!

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The Power of a CD ROM, the Size of a Business Card

Effortless Patient Educationtm

Got a Question? Ask it now in real time!

Why Use a Digital Business Card

  • A 50 MB card can hold over 5,000 pages of text

  • Replace educational videos, brochures and audio tapes and make distribution as easy as handing someone your card.

  • The PowerCard's unique design ensures a high degree of "pass along" value. When people see it, they play it and pass it along.

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History of the DC PowerCard

The #1 advertising tool of the DC, the business card, has remained unchanged for over 100 years. It is today, what it was in 1895, a flat piece of paper telling an incomplete story.

Doctors of Chiropractic face a unique marketing challenge. You see, the general public still doesn't fully understand what a chiropractor does, what kind of impact this natural system of healing can have on human lives.

Wouldn't it be great if you could hand out a business card that told the complete Chiropractic story? Could tell the Who, What, Where, When and the Why and How? Well, now you can.

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Introducing DC PowerCard

Imagine the possibilities if you could take a regular computer CD ROM, load it with dynamic content about Chiropractic and about an individual doctor, then physically trim the CD to the dimensions of a business card, yet still play in any PC computer.

You would literally hold the marketing future of your practice in the palm of your hand.

Does such a product exist? It didn't yesterday, but it does exist today, and only from VenturaDesigns, a leader in patient education software for the Chiropractic doctor.


Here's how it works:


DC PowerCard is a real computer CD ROM, trimmed down to the size of a business card, that will play on virtually any IBM compatible running Windows, and on many of the newer Macs.


On this card, we place some of the finest chiropractic multimedia content (Audio and Video) developed Dr. Joe Ventura of VenturaDesigns, a leading multimedia marketing and consulting firm.

Using this card is a guaranteed "home run" in building a practice from the inside out.

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What's on the DC PowerCard business card CD ROM?

In designing the content of PowerCard, we remained sensitive to the different philosophies regarding the definition of Chiropractic. The content makes it clear that a Doctor of Chiropractic pays special attention to the relationship of the spine to overall health. It also makes it clear that there are different sub-specialties within the profession that may expand upon the basic chiropractic tenants. We guarantee there is nothing on the card that will conflict with the way you practice.

Click on a topic to learn more

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1. Connect to chirosite.com

In addition to the powerful educational material directly on the DC PowerCard, patients are just a mouse click away from one of the most educational Chiropractic web sites, chirosite.com. From chirosite.com visitors can access additional multimedia content in the form of streaming audio/video, Flash animations and other presentations.


2. 17 Chiropractic Questions

Every Chiropractic patient has questions. But often, circumstances of time or opportunity prevents the questions from being asked. With the help of over 175 doctors, we have developed a self-running presentation that answers these questions. This is the same presentation, under the name Waiting Room Wonder, that we offer in our $1,500 patient education software. You can even setup a DC PowerCard to run the presentation in the waiting room, consultation room or at screenings.


3. The History of Chiropractic

This short, animated presentation provides a quick overview of the history of Chiropractic healthcare. Runs about three minutes.


4. Posture and Health

We have received a lot of praise and thanks from doctors regarding this presentation, so we decided to include it in the PowerCard. This self-running, animated presentation explains the direct relationship between poor posture and negative effects on the spine. This presentation is a "home run".


5. Relationship between the Spine and Illness

Good bless Bruce Goldsmith and his development of the Neuropatholator®*. You've all seen the Neuropatholator. You press a button on a light box and nerves to organs, muscles, etc. turn on and off. Wonderful Visuals. Great tool. Problem is this: You can't carry a product like that it in your pocket. Until now :) 

Using our own 3D graphics and proprietary software we have added a feature to DC PowerCard we call, ChiroPath II. By moving the mouse arrow over a vertebra you can see the organs, symptoms and muscles associated with that vertebral level.


Any one of the five features alone would be worth the price of DC PowerCard, but you get all five. This makes DC PowerCard the most cost effective internal and external marketing tool ever developed for the Chiropractic professional.

Instead of placing your next order of 100 crooked pens, take a chance on DC PowerCard. 

Uses of the DC PowerCard

Custom sized CD ROMs, capable of holding 50MB of information are encoded with multimedia content (Audio and Video) designed to promote the Chiropractic profession and an individual doctor. These CDs can be played in virtually any computer's CD ROM drive. They even turn on automatically when inserted.



  • Networking

DC PowerCard could be the most powerful networking tool ever developed. Imagine handing out the technologically advanced PowerCard at a Chamber of Commerce  gathering, Fraternal Organization meeting, or civic event. You will instantly be perceived as a leader in the marketing field and on the cutting edge of technology. And that's BEFORE the contents of the card are viewed!

  • External Marketing

Very few DCs have a actual advertising/marketing budget. DC PowerCard is a cost effective way to reverse the trend. This complete marketing system, you hold in the palm of your hand, actually costs less per piece than many other advertising tools used by the doctor. The perceived high value placed on the PowerCard by a recipient virtually ensures it will be kept/passed along,  not thrown away. Can you say that about your current business cards?

  • Spinal Screenings

DC PowerCard is so powerful, you can set the video playback to "loop", set the view to "Full Screen" and let the presentations play during your spinal screenings.

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The WOW Factor

For years the favorite marketing strategy of a DC was to "WOC" (Whip Out Card) at every opportunity. With the new DC PowerCard, WOC has been replaced with WOW (Whip Out Wow). When you hand out this card and explain it's a real CD ROM to be played in a computer, the natural response from a person is "Wow!"

And remember, it's the person you impress that is most likely to refer.

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This technology is useless unless it gets into the hands of doctors and potential patients. That means it has to be fairly priced.

  • Set up fee to create custom labels---$50 USD
  • Cards are ordered in lots of 100 at $3 per card


If you'd like to sample DC PowerCard before you commit to a first order, you can take advantage of our "Sample Pack".

  • Sample Pack---$50 USD
  • You pay the one time setup fee to create your custom labels and you get 10 cards free!


It's hard to believe, but this technology can cost less than those "stick-on " business card labels that you tilt at different angles to see 4-5 different static scenes.

Three New Card Styles

webcardstrio.gif (115846 bytes)We realize everyone's taste is not the same. That's why we have three different label styles from which to choose. Each is distinctive. Each is dynamic. And each is sure to be remembered.

Click the picture on the left to see an enlargement.






Each order of at least 100 cards will also receive a high quality, full leather carrying case. Designed to carry the DC PowerCards and other credit cards and ID. Available in black or brown (shown).

This offer is limited to new customers only and does not apply to re-orders. Additional carrying cases available at $25 each.





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About Dr. Joe Ventura developer of DC PowerCard

Since 1992, Joe Ventura D.C. has been developing software programs and content for use by the Chiropractic professional, making it easier to educate the public about the benefits of Chiropractic health care. His software suite, DC PowerTools, was been nominated for Technology of the Year award in 1997, and again in 1999 for the updated version. His technical expertise in multimedia software programming, and his ability to compress and deliver audio and video onto such a small CD ROM is what made this project possible.

Questions? You can call Dr. Ventura at (913) 829-0404 

*Neuropatholator is a registered trademark of  Visual Odyssey Inc. - Temple GA

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